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Dynamics AX CRM Training in Chennai

Course Duration

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Course Contents

Dynamics AX CRM
    MSCRM Basics
    • MSCRM Introduction
    • MSCRM Architecture, Layers and Technology
    • MSCRM Basic Navigations
    • Accounts, Contacts , Activities
    Sales & Marketing  Management
    • Lead Management
    • Opportunity Management
    • Product Management
    • Campaign Management
    • Marketing List Management
    • Quotes, Order, Invoice Management
    • Competitors and Goal Management
    • Sales Literature and Marketing Materials
    Service Management
    • Case Management
    • Service Management
    • Contract Management
    • Knowledge Base Article Management
    Business Management
    • Fiscal Year, Business Closures
    • Goal Metrics
    • Facilities and Equipment’s
    • Queue management (Configuring POP3, SMTP, Gmail)
    • Resource Group
    • Quota, Sales Territories, Site Management
    • Subjects, Connection & Relationship Roles.
    • System Settings, Server Settings
    • Business Unit, Security Roles creations.
    • Field Security Profiles
    • Team, User Creation
    • Access and Privileges
    • Auto Numbering, Languages Settings
    Database Management
    • Data Imports
    • Data Maps
    • Templates of Data Imports
    • Duplicate Detection Settings, Rules, Jobs
    • Bulk Deletion
    Customization& Solutions
    • Customization of System Entity, Custom Entity
    • Entity Creation, Attribute Creations
    • Form Creation, Section, Tabs, I frames,
    • Relationship (1:N, N:1, N:N)
    • Views creation
    • Templates creation (Email, Contract, KB)
    • Understanding Solutions
    • Import & Export Customization
    Document Management
    • Document Management
    • Share point Document Locations
    • Components Management
    Report Management
    • Dashboard Creations
    • Customizing Reports
    Import and Exports of Reports
    Customizing RDL files with Business Intelligence Studio
    Goal Management
    • Goal Audit Settings
    • Entity and Field Audit Settings
    • Audit Log Management
    • Audit Summary
    Workflow Creations
    • Process Creations
    • Process Triggers, Loops, Branch, Chain
    • Process Export, Import and Publish
    • Workflow Rules
    Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics
    • Introduction
      • Benefits of Closed Loop Marketing
      • Creating and Using Marketing Lists
      • Marketing Campaigns and Quick Campaigns
      • Quick Campaigns
      • Introduction to Marketing Campaigns
      • Creating a Marketing Campaign
      • Creating and Using Campaign Templates
      • Importing Leads
    • Implementing and Managing Marketing Campaigns
      • Campaigns, Campaign Activities and Marketing Lists
      • Creating and Using Email Templates
      • Sales Literature, Products and Price Lists
      • Distributing Campaign Activities
      • Capturing and Viewing Campaign Responses
      • Working with Campaign Responses
    • Analysis, Reporting and Goals
      • Analyzing Marketing Information with Lists, Views and Charts
      • Working with Reports
      • Creating and Managing Marketing Goals
      • Creating Charts
      • Customizing and Working with Dashboards
    Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
    • Introduction
      • Overview of the Sales Process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
      • Core Records in the Sales Process
      • Tracking Competitors and Managing Sales Literature
      • Working with Leads
      • Working with Opportunities
      • Sales Processes, Workflows and Dialogs
    • Working with the Product Catalog
      • The Product Catalog and the Sales Process
      • Unit Groups
      • Adding and Maintaining Products
      • Creating, Maintaining and Using Price Lists
    • Sales Order Processing
      • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Order Process
      • Opportunities, Quotes, and the Sales Process
      • Working with Orders
      • Working with Invoices
    • Analysis, Reporting and Goals
      • Analyzing Sales Information with Lists, Views and Charts
      • Working with Reports
      • Exporting Sales Information to Microsoft Office Excel
      • Creating and Managing Sales Goals
      • Creating Charts
      • Dashboards
    Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics
    • Introduction
      • Getting Started with Service Management
      • Cases and the Service Management Process
      • Queues and Contracts in Service Management
      • Working with Cases in the Case Grid
    • Working with Cases and Contracts
      • Creating Case Records
      • Working with Cases
      • Contracts and Contract Templates
      • Creating and Working with Contracts
      • Using Contracts with Cases
    • Using the Knowledge Base
      • Article Templates
      • Creating, Approving and Publishing Articles
      • Using and Searching the Knowledge Base
      • Cases and Knowledge Base Articles
    • Working with Teams and Queues
      • Introduction to Teams
      • Introduction to Queues
      • Creating and Managing Queues
      • Working with Queues and Queue Items
      • Using Workflows with Queues
    • Analysis, Reporting and Goals
      • Service Management Reports
      • Service Management Charts and Dashboards
      • Goal Management for Service
    Service Scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics
    • Introduction
      • Service Scheduling Overview
      • Service Scheduling Scenarios
      • Service Scheduling Process
      • Working with Service Activities and the Service Calendar
      • Closing, Canceling, or Rescheduling a Service Activity
      • Using Charts and Reports to Analyze Service Activities
    • Advanced Topics
      • Understanding the Service Activity Scheduling Engine
      • Resources, Services and Selection Rules
      • Incorporating Customer Preferences
      • Resource and Service Capacity Requirements
      • Understanding Sites and Same-Site Requirements
    Microsoft Dynamics Customization and Configuration
    • Business Units and Security Roles
      • Business Units
      • Managing Business Units
      • Security Features
    • Configuring Users and Teams
      • User Management Overview
      • Adding and Maintaining User Accounts
      • Team Configuration
    • Customizing Microsoft Dynamics
      • Customization Methodology
      • Who can Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
      • Types of Customizations
      • Types of Customizations - Solutions
    • Customizing Fields
      • Customization Concepts
      • Field Data Types
      • Field Properties
      • Creating Fields
      • Creating Option Sets
    • Customizing Entities
      • Entity Concepts
      • Modifying Custom Entities
    • Customizing Relationships and Mappings
      • Types of Entity Relationships
      • Creating Entity Relationships
      • Entity Mapping
    • Customizing Forms, Views and Charts
      • Basic UI Customization Capabilities
      • View Customization Overview
      • Charts
      • Form Customization Overview
      • Other Form Objects
      • Creating New Forms
    • Configuring Field Security
      • Field Security Scope
      • Field Security and Other Security Methods
    • Configuring Auditing
      • Enabling Auditing
      • Viewing Audit Data
      • Managing Audit Partitions
    • Configuring Solutions
      • solutions Review
      • Exporting and Importing Unmanaged Solutions
      • Exporting and Importing Managed Solutions
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