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Dynamics AX Finance Training in Chennai

Course Duration

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Course Contents

Dynamics AX Finance
    AX-Financial Series I & II and Fixed Assets
    General Ledger Setup
    • Setup currencies and Exchange Rates
    • Create Periods in a new Fiscal Year
    • Create Date Intervals
    • Create a Dimension Value
    • Create a Dimension Focus
    Chart of Account Setup
    • Creation of new accounts in COA
    • Setup account Allocation Terms
    • Setup System Accounts
    • Inquiries and Reports related to COA
    Journal Setup
    • Setup Journal Names
    • Setup Journal Controls
    • Create Journal Texts
    • Setup Balance Control Accounts
    • Setup General Ledger Parameters
    General Ledger Daily Procedures
    • Create General Ledger Journals
    • Enter General Ledger Transactions
    • Create Journal Batch Processing
    • Create Approval Journals
    • Create and Retrieve Periodic Journals
    • General Ledger Transaction Reversal
    • Inquire and Reports on Daily Journal Transactions
    Bank Management Setup
    • Setup Bank Transaction Types & Transaction Groups
    • Setup Bank Groups
    • Setup Payment Purpose codes
    • Setup Bank Parameters
    • Create a Bank account
    • Define a Check Layout for a bank account
    Accounts Payable Setup
    • Create a Payment schedule
    • Create terms of Payment
    • Create a Payment Day
    • Setup Cash discount
    • Create a Payment Fee
    • Create a Method of Payment
    • Setup Vendor Groups
    • Setup Posting Profile
    • Create a New Vendor
    Accounts Payable Daily Procedures
    • Different Invoice Journals
    • Register an invoice Journal
    • Approve an Invoice Register Journal
    • Create an invoice excl. Posting
    • Create an Invoice Journal
    • Create a Payment Proposal
    • Run a Payment Proposal for a marked Settlement
    • Create a Payment Journal
    • Generate a Payment
    • Edit open Transactions
    • Reverse Closed Transaction
    Accounts Receivable Setup
    • Create a Payment schedule
    • Create Terms of Payment
    • Create a Payment Day
    • Setup Cash discount
    • Create a Payment Fee
    • Create a Method of Payment
    • Setup Customer groups
    • Setup Posting Profiles
    • Create a New customer
    Accounts Receivable Daily Procedures
    • Create a Free text Invoice
    • Editing an Open Free Text Invoice
    • Create a Payment Proposal
    • Mark for Settlement
    • Create a Payment Journal
    • Edit Open Transactions
    • Reverse a settlement
    • Reimburse a customer
    Bank Management Daily Procedures
    • Create Checks
    • Delete Checks
    • Create a Bank Deposit Entry
    • Void Checks
    • Create a Check Refund that prints out a check
    • Use Bank Remittances
    • Reconcile Bank Statements
    Sales Tax Setup
    • Overview of Sales Tax
    • Create Ledger Posting Groups Create Sales Tax Authorities
    • Create Sales Tax Settlement Periods
    • Create Sales tax codes
    • Create Sales tax codes Intervals
    • Create Sales Tax Groups
    • Create Item sales Tax Groups
    • Create Sales tax Transactions
    • Create Sales Tax Exempt Data
    • Calculate and Post With holding Sales Tax
    Cash Flow Management
    • Relationship of cash flow with other Modules
    • Setup cash flow fore casting
    • Define a Cash Flow Forecast Budget Model
    • Create Cash flow Transactions
    • Viewing online data and Print Cash flow Reports
    • Run Exchange Rate Adjustments in GL
    • Run Exchange Rate Adjustments in AR and AP
    • Setup Currency rounding
    Advanced Payments
    • Create and Process a Bridging Account Method of Payment
    • Setup and Process Prepayments
    • Setup and Process Bills of Exchange
    • Setup and apply Ledger accruals
    Inter company accounting
    • Review Posting Intercompany Transactions
    • Review setup for Intercompany accounting
    • Post an Intercompany Transaction
    • Trace an intercompany Transaction
    • Setup a Consolidation Company
    • Setup a Subsidiary Company
    • Perform a Consolidation
    • Consolidation According to FASB 52 Regulation
    • Consolidations Inquiry
    • View and Delete Consolidation Transactions
    Collection Letters and Interest
    • Setup and Create Collection Letters
    • Process Collection Letters
    • Setup and Create Interest Codes
    Dimensions Hierarchy
    • The overall Concepts of Dimension sets, Hierarchies and Rules Creation of Dimension Set
    • Creation of Dimension SubSet
    • Activate Dimension Set Hierarchy
    • Create a Dimension Set Hierarchy
    • Create a dimension Set Rules
    Year-End Close
    • Create a New Fiscal Year
    • Control Transactions in a Closing Period
    • Stop or Close a Period
    • Change a Module Status in a period
    • Create a Closing sheet
    • Make Adjustments or Transfers between Accounts
    • Setup Fiscal Year Close Parameters
    • Transfer Opening Balances
    Introduction to Fixed assets
    • Fixed Assets Overview
    • Functionality Required for Fixed Asset Accounting
    • Structure and Integration with Other Modules
    Setup Procedures
    • System Setup for Fixed Assets
    • Fixed Assets Module Setup
    • Depreciation Methods
    • Depreciation Conventions
    • Depreciation Books Overview
    • Country Specific Features
    • Mass Update Depreciation Conventions for a Depreciation Book
    Setup Assets
    • Fixed Asset Form
    • Setting up Assets in the Fixed Assets Module
    • Inquiries in the Fixed Asset Form
    • Bonus Depreciation
    • Lending Assets
    • Assigning Bar Codes to Assets
    • Asset Budgeting
    Inquiries and Reports
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