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VB Script Training in Chennai

Course Duration

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Course Contents

VB Script
    VB Script Fundamentals & Features
  • Scripting Languages vs Programming Languages
  • Basic Features of VBScript
  • Hosting Environments & Script Engines
  • Crating & Running a Script
  • Data Types, Variables
  • VBScript data types
  • Declaring Variables and Option Explicit Statement
  • Assigning Values to Variables
  • Scalar Variables and Array Variables
  • Dynamic Arrays, Dimensional Arrays
  • VBScript Statements- VBScript Functions VBScript Objects
  • Err Objects with Methods and Properties
  • Match Object with Methods and Properties
  • Regular Expression Object with Methods and Properties
  • Descriptive Programming
  • Advantages of Descriptive Programming
  • Static Programming
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Creating Library files using Constants /Collection objects
  • Handling Dynamic Objects
  • Handling duplicate Objects
  • Retrieving Child Objects
  • Regular Expressions
  • Regular Expression Characters
  • When to use Regular Expressions in QTP
  • Testing a Regular Expression Using Code
  • Using a Regular Expression to Identify a Dynamic Object 
  • Replacing Data from a String Using a Regular Expression
  • Handling Dynamic Objects
  • Using Regular Expressions in Checkpoints
  • Defining Regular Expressions
  • Search Operations
  • Regular expressions in Recovery scenarios
  • Regular Expression Object
  • Dictionary Objects
  • What is Dictionary Object and what is the need of Dictionary Object
  • How to create and use Dictionary object
  • What are the properties and methods of Dictionary Object with real-time scenarios and examples
  • Difference between Dictionary object and an Array.
  • Library Files
  • Associating a Library globally with a Test
  • Dynamically Loading libraries locally at run-time
  • Dynamically Loading libraries globally at run-time
  • Understanding Execution Scope
  • Applicability of Option Explicit
  • Executing code in Local scope from within Global Scope
  • User Defined Functions
  • Types of Procedures
  • Internal & External Functions
  • Creating Library files
  • Creating Sub Procedures
  • Creating Function Procedures
  • Associating Library files
  • Loading Function Libraries run-time
  • Generic Functions
  • Project Specific Functions
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